Is london a perfect city to live in?

While Paris ranked as the top choice of students when it comes to the best city chosen by students London still ranks 2nd on the list. London is preferred by most of the students as one of best cities to live in. Manchester is the next city that’s down at number 29.

The reason behind London’s ranking is normally because it’s a destination of choice, especially for international students. International students prefer to stay in London for the beauty of the city and the attractions attached to it. While many locals prefer to stay in the same city as they grew up in because of their emotional attachment.

When it comes to finding opportunities, it’s one city that is full of opportunities. There are so many options to look for when in London. Even though the nightlife culture of London might be the same as of the other cities in the UK but what makes London apart from other cities is the cultural fusion and its influence on the city. It’s something that no other city in the UK has in itself.

If you’re someone who has the base in London then you’ll be in great luck when it comes to applying for internships during the holidays. It’s the best time to earn some money especially if you are unpaid and need to work. London is one of the cities that welcomes graduates employers with open arms. It is home to many of the graduate employers but that does not at all guarantee you a job. One thing that it does is, it makes attending interviews and networking a lot easy.

Just recently there has been an increase of 2.7% in the number of job applications in London. This figure shows the power that the city of London possesses.


Even though London is ranked as the second most desired city for students to live in but the rank drops to an extreme level when it comes to affordability. There is some very serious downfall when it comes to bearing expenses in London. It’s a great city and all but it’s really very expansive and many students cannot afford to live in London just due to that. Since the factor of affordability kicks in London drops to a 45th rank. Manchester beats London by ranking as the 23rd most affordable city to live in.

Even if you have a huge student loan allowance you’ll still be seen struggling to make ends meet as it’s so expansive.

There is another major problem with studying in London that is loneliness. It can be really lonely studying in London as London universities tend not to have a campus.  The faculty buildings are scattered across the halls of residencies and city are scattered. It gets hard to move around as students tend to live all over London and the expense of travel increases.

It can also be very difficult studying in London as most students find it hard to adapt to the change. The environment may differ from other UK universities. Many students complain that they feel they’re studying part-time as they have a hard time interacting with students in the departments on campus then living elsewhere for the rest of their life.

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